America is Freedom - Poem by Nelson Jacobsen

We awoke to a live bad movie on TV and then the scream, and other one just hit!
I was getting my first cup of joe. What was that and how did it happen? Is anyone
alright? Back in front of the screen the whole family staring then crying at the scenes
and calls from loved ones is everyone alright? What...WHY?
A plane just flew by and crashed more killed neighbors, friends and loved ones in the
blink of a wicked eyes We are just getting partial comprehension and learn yet another
plane is falling from the sky, This one yanked from their plan by the same people that
they tried to overtake.
Thank You, Thank You, so many lives saved and so many have been made angels by
acts --So brave. We take resolve as we learn of these feats all beyond comprehension,
many a hero before victim.  The lives, the families, the total impact; They were just used
to execute a terrible plan and having us being lingering victims. Do they have God?
Mine is calling me to sing out to th…

Music Capitalist: podcast

I've gone ahead and done my 1st Podcast

Music Capitalist: podcast: Music Capitalist Podcast. URL of first. Podcast. F...

RIP Edgar Mitchell and let's do something in your name.

To the Vets' in my Family and yours Thanks.

Going back into the family tree one Adam Weinrich  shows up at the oldest service member and he paid the ultimate honor, dying for what he believe in was a good and noble cause.  Adams  buried in Andersonville Cemetery where he died and is simply listed as the following:

Prisoner Details
Return to ResultsWeinrich, Adam
9 New Jersey Infantry
New Jersey
Buried in National Cemetery
He's on my Dad's mother side and from what I can tell goes back to a long line of Germany & Austria Military and Marine Officers,  and that very interesting because until today (Nov 11th, 2015) not much was known about Adam and the Becks; And, t…

Im the new CEO of Max Media Group, Inc. OTC MXMI

Music Capitalist: Max Media Group, Inc. OTC MXMI Announces Transfer ...: Max Media Group, Inc. Announces Transfer of Majority Control to Altavoz -

It's been an honor to work with the prior CEO Michael Manocchio to learn about MXMI and it's history as well he's given me a great start learning what it means and takes personally to run a public company.  

For any of the existing MXMI stock holders, who've already started asking on the boards - What does it mean.  I can personally state right now that there might not be another person on the planet that wants to see this stock get back to it's hey days. and relisted on a top exchange and if there are any stockholder that want the company to buy back any stock please contact

We're preparing a more formal statement and will have some kind of event with AltaArtist's making some music and news together.   Get ready Majors you have a company that is now prepared to show the world why THEMAJ…

Stellar Award Winner Phillip Carter Tapped As First Gospel Artist With An Exclusive Music Release In The Public Library System

Just a little something that I cooked up over the course of one very trying year.  

Stellar Award Winner Phillip Carter Tapped As First Gospel Artist With An Exclusive Music Release In The Public Library System

In Defense of the Selfie and why you'll get a selfie stick

With now even the President of the USA getting in on the Act, Let's just say that stores in the USA will have the OfficalUSASelfieStick ASAP. 

However I do want to defend the stick and my reasoning goes like this.  
Back in Van Eyck's  day when the wealthy and privileged did something that thought grand they commissioned a selfie in their day -- A portrait 

This was considered a new form of expression of realism and acute observation with "Full-length portraits were reserved for depictions of the highest echelon of society, and were associated with princely displays of power" Kemperdick (2006), 28 WikipediaQuoting from Wikipedia again, "Throughout history, it has been common for rulers and governments to commission public art as a means of demonstrating power and wealth, or even for specific propaganda purposes".  So it's not just me saying this..... 
It's really not a surprise that it might be frowned upon from some because it's an age old prodigio…